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Advance Education

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Nail technician seeking a more successful and challenging career. You will gain the knowledge to become one of the best in the industry.


Your Instructor

Lacarla Surles

Lacarla Surles is a 22 year Licensed Manicurist/Instructor whose helped hundreds of now licensed manicurist complete and obtain a Manicurist License. Lacarla has mastered the art of Acrylic Foundation so well, she is now a Master NailTech. Her clients nails last up to 4 weeks with no lifting or breaking. While educating her clients and students on the health of their nails. She hopes to help more Nail Techs love the nail world and of course make top dollar.

Our Courses

Advance Acrylic Nail 

This course will walk you through the entire acrylic nail application process from applying tips to building beautiful natural-looking sculpted nails.

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Nail Tech Mentorship Program

Now is the time to join our Mentorship Program. Would you like to have long lasting, healthy career as a Nail Tech and to always be in demand? 

Master Pedicure Training

Learn all of my pedicure techniques in this 1 week master course.

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